The aftermath of Hurricane Gert is expected to hit the UK

The storm, currently north of Bermuda in the Caribbean, is expected to bring strong winds and rain in the North as it travels across the Atlantic and hits the UK on Sunday. However, the South is set to bask in sunshine, with temperatures forecast to reach up to 27C on Monday as the low pressure system draws warm air up from Europe.
It'll be heading towards the UK over the next few days, but not as a hurricane. On Friday it will downgrade to a tropical storm, but as it tracks across the Atlantic it will interact with another low pressure system to the east of Canada, and the two lows will move to the UK by the end of the week. There will be a lot of rain likely and although the forecast could change slightly, it currently looks like the rain will be across northern areas on Sunday and into Monday, with heavy and persistent outbreaks across the North West.


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