The fun stopped here: England's derelict theme parks

Incredibly expensive to run, and under increasing pressure to keep up with the big boys like Alton Towers and Drayton Manor, many modest amusement parks have struggled with dwindling visitor numbers before coming to a complete standstill.

One of the most recent victims is Pleasure Island in Cleethorpes, which closed at the end of the 2016 season after 23 years of business.

Those keen to get their hands on a piece of its history, as well as bag a bargain, can buy some of the fixtures and fittings as the contents are sold at auction. Lots include "a large box of comedy glasses" expected to go for about £10, various pieces of catering equipment, and for the pleasure-seeker with £250,000 to burn, the 114-year-old carousel.

But after the last candy floss has been eaten and the gates closed for the final time, what happens at the parks where the top thrill was a twirl on the teacups, a spin on the dodgems or a pit-stop at the petting zoo?

Some sites are sold and developed, others …

How Simon Carter fashioned a global menswear brand

It could have been a completely different life story for menswear designer Simon Carter if he had been able to follow his first choice of career path.

"I wanted to be a doctor, but I didn't get the grades," he says. Instead of being able to study medicine at university in the early 1980s, Mr Carter had to settle for a course in immunology - the study of the immune system - at a college in London. And living in the affluent west London area of Chelsea, getting a part-time job at a vintage clothes shop soon inspired him to entirely swap the world of science for a career in the fashion and jewellery industry. "People used to come in and sell stuff at the shop, and one day a guy was selling motorbike brooches," says Mr Carter. "I fell in love with one, and my manager said I could have it instead of my day's wages. I got so many compliments, and I thought - what if I sold my own brooches?" Today Mr Carter's eponymous fashion, jewellery and accessor…

HP printer customer support for cartridge ink toner

HP printer does process your ink in which that you needed for right paper placement. Ink cartridge for the furnishing printing and that will be fabulous for the ink management and that is the best technique which is just helpful so it is the interesting fact which you required to know and it is the basic operation which is for the best solution and their processing whenever, it required to find the troubleshoot problem into the device connection and their internet connection it needs to improve into the same concept which will prefer so some of them and if we discuss the term laser printer for the operation it is the interesting financing for the operation and that is “always helpful for the customers need". It is a way to process which we can find the improvements in the techniques. That is the batter technique to learn something is not batter than of it.
Toner cartridge is the best option to print your creative design whenever it requires. It is the operation since we are workin…

HP Printing Technologies has best essential peripherals

This is the greatest choice to make before whatever else. Your decision ought to be founded on how you function and the sort of yield you will anticipate from the printer.
Inkjets can be utilized for printing content, yet the print speed is too moderate if the basic role of the printer is report printing.. Numerous photograph printers utilize shading inks to create a composite dark, bringing about a sloppy tint. A moment dark ink cartridge and diverse shades of dim help keep up an impartial tone, with the dim ink taking into consideration unpretentious shading and accordingly enhancing the nature of highly contrasting photographs.

Look over single sided, double sided or covering printers. Single sided printers are fit for quality imprinting on one side, in either shading or monochrome. Double sided printers offer a similar quality, however they can print on the two sides. They likewise offer scanner tag, attractive strip, encoding, savvy card, and the sky is the limit from there. Coveri…

If HP printer problems that its customers faces

That is the timewhen online help modules accessible over the web turn into his exclusive conceivable intends to access official HP bolster. Notwithstanding for the greater part of the general population of today, who are knowledgeable with everything identified with web and innovation, a large number of these online enable modules to sound to be bit excessively muddled, which abandons them in a condition of frenzy, particularly when they desperately require their printer to work. The organization likewise has incorporated its line of printers with some of its own one of a kind highlights too, which have made them each of the a class separated from the rest.
These autonomous HP printer bolster suppliers give their help via telephone and work just upon programming issues that are being looked by a printer. In the event that it is an equipment issue, it is prescribed that you take your printer to some adjacent professional who deals with comparable issues to have it dealt with. Be that as…

Natural linking patterns of blogs for laptop

Without a doubt, you can put a couple of books or something under the workstation to convey the screen to eye stature. In any case, you are probably going to strain your wrists in view of the additional stature of the console. It is basically a stand that lifts your screen to eye level while keeping a console level on the table best. It is a licensed plan and even has the ability to keep your workstation cool by enabling the client to embed a fan into the stand. It is a significant leap forward as far as human PC association and addresses a large number of the defects intrinsic in PC plan which considers work instead of shape keeping in mind the end goal to offer individuals portable figuring arrangements.
You cut the PC into the stand so it is totally open. The workstation sits relatively vertical once in position. The stand itself has the console worked in to it. The console associates with a basic USB plug and the Neckey is perfect with almost all workstations littler than 14.1 inch…

Best Polaroid & instant printers 2017 UK

With more people relying on phones and tablets than laptops and PCs as their everyday computers, printers are becoming less common in the average family home. You've probably uploaded your favourite digital photos to Facebook and Instagram, but physical photo albums and frames still have their place. We look at five instant photo printers that let you print directly from your phone. The market leader in the printer market was sure to produce a consumer-friendly mobile photo printing device, and HP duly came out with the Sprocket in September 2016. The Sprocket printer is among the cheapest on this list at a penny under £120, with 20 sheets of 2x3in sticky-backed photo paper costing £10 a pack.
You load the ZINK zero-ink sticky-backed printer paper into the back of the device and it takes around 40 seconds to print a picture so it is not the fastest. The printouts are quite small at 2x3in, but the quality is akin to a polaroid, perfect for pinning up around the house or at the offic…